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How to send big files with EmailLargeFile

EmailLargeFile is a secure, reliable and free service for delivering large documents and file attachments over the Internet. Many email providers block email messages bigger than 1-2Mb. Our service allows you to send documents and attachments of almost any size anywhere anytime.

With EmailLargeFile service you upload a file to one of our servers, then a link to the file is sent to your recipient. The file is kept in our database for specified number of days. If you decide to delete the file before it expires, you can always delete it yourself via delete link we sent you, or by contacting us.
When the recipient downloads the file, we will send you an email notification. You can track up to three different recipients per file.

The EmailLargeFile service is also useful for 'anonymous' file submissions. It is also extremely convenient when it comes to transferring large files between computers. As you probably know, few computers now come equipped with floppy drives. Our service effectively replaces the floppy drive too.

If you are a student working on a project in a class, you can back up your work to your home pc via our EmailLargeFile service. When you get home, download the file and continue your work. All you need is an internet connection.

For detailed help about how to use our managed file transfer service, please view the PDF instructions here. Don't hesitate to ask us questions via our contact page.

If certain web sites appear to be inaccessible or blocked, you may use a proxy site and still be able to access this and other web sites outside your college or office network.

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What we send to your recipients

When your friend receives the email message, it will look like this:

From:    EmailLargeFile@emaillargefile.com
Date:    Monday, December 29, 2012
To:      yourfriend@theiremail.com
Subject: Please download file Myfile.txt

a file was sent to you by Friend.
Please retrieve the document via the following link -


If you include your return email address, you will receive the transfer status message.