How To Send Large Files

quickly and securely

email large file is a free and secure service for sending big files and documents via the Internet. Most businesses and email providers block large attachments in email messages. EmailLargeFile allows you to transfer pictures, videos, music, or documents to your clients, family, or friends from your computer or iPhone or Android device.

Fill out the information below and click Add File. Click Upload button to start uploading. Once the upload process is complete, emails will be sent to your recipients. The file will be available for download for 7 days unless chosen otherwise.

For better service, we ask you to provide your return email address.

Your E-Mail   Personalize
Send File To  +Send file to more than 3 emails
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+ Send or Receive Multiple files
  20gb of storage

How it Works

Here is how you can send large files to your friends in three easy steps:

Upload Big File

First, upload the file to our datacenter.  more email options

We Send Links

Next, we send emails to your recipients with unique links to the file.  

Track Downloads

We report to you about each file download.  

What You Get

With EmailLargeFile free service:

  • 200mb file upload  max 10 files daily up to 200Mb each
  •   files kept for up to 15 days
  •   unique links sent to 3 addresses max
  •   you get delivery confirmations
  •   optional short links for Twitter